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40 years on, Manipuri man reunites with family

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
By Zuber Ansari

It was a family dispute that forced him to leave home. Manipuri girl helps to reunite him with family after she accosts him begging in Bandra

In what was a script of a Hindi flick, a young Manipuri man who left his home in 1979 due to a family dispute after his marriage was reunited with his family members with the help of young a girl who spotted him begging in Bandra.

According to police sources, Khomdram Singh, hailing from Manipur's capital Imphal, used to live  with his family members in a small village. In 1979 he got married but after few weeks he left  home due to domestic violence and a family dispute. After leaving home he moved to different states and various districts of the nation before he reached Mumbai in 1993.

After reaching  Mumbai, he started working in various hotels at different places in the city, but due to his advanced age he was asked to leave  his waiter’s job.  He tried to find work at different places but did not find any success, as he was not having any contacts in the city, he started sleeping on the footpath and to survive he started begging.

Luckily in what was a strange twist of fate, a  Manipur based girl spotted him begging on the road, so she approached him and asked him if he hailed  from Nepal. However,  he said he is from Manipur's capital Imphal and had his family in Kushit village. Man Khodram Singh narrated his entire life story to her, from his marriage to his present woebegone state.  The girl clicked his pictures and sent them to Manipur police, and in the process also wrote a short brief about his life.

Viewing his picture, the Manipur police scanned his details and sent the picture to Patsoyi village police station.

Going through his details, the Manipur police came to know that, Khodram had left his home and his family members has  lodge his missing complaint at the Patsoyi police station.

Manipur police  then matched his current picture with 40 years back picture and showed the photo to his family members who also identified him. Later, Manipuri police contacted  the Bandra police and with the help of them found Khodram begging on the road, he was taken into custody and later handed over to Manipur police.  Senior Police Inspector (SPI) from Bandra police station Pandit Thackrey and his team played a vital role to find Khodram.

Police Inspector Bisholua Luwang from Manipur's Patsoyi police station took custody of him and handed him over to his family members.  With forty years having elapsed,  his family members could not accept that he is alive. In the passage of so many yers,  his wife also got married to another person, with the family members affirming that they had lost hope that he was alive.

The Manipur girl who clicked his picture and sent it to police played a vital role to reunite him with family, because no one cares about beggars on the road, police added.

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