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Toxin-Free Products For Moms

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Mohit Sadaani is the co-founder of The Mom Co. After completing his Engineering and then MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Mohit worked with McKinsey for seven years as consultant for consumer goods and retail companies across India and UK. Mohit then joined Snapdeal as Head of Strategy and Growth, shaping efforts on acquiring and retaining users for the company. As a dad, Mohit first found it amusing, then frustrating to see how difficult it was to get good, safe product choices for wife Malika when she was expecting. Thus Malika was inspired to start The Moms Co. to solve this need for moms in India, and she convinced Mohit to join in as the first team member.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Mohit says, “I look around and am constantly worried about the bad environment that we’re bringing up our kids in. While we can’t control things like the pollution and air, at The Moms Co. we are on a mission to help moms with better, safer options whenever they need personal care products, foods, and more.”

What is the idea behind The Moms Co.?
The Moms Co.’s journey started 3 years ago when Malika Sadani, the founder, returned to India after her stay in London. When her first baby, Myraah was born in London, Malika started using Natural, Toxin-Free products based on the advice that doctors gave her. During her 2nd pregnancy in India, she couldn’t find these options and ended up relying on friends and family for importing these high quality natural products.

Over the next 3 years, Malika spoke to over 200 women and found that many of them were relying on imports for quality products. She believed there had to be a better option, and worked with experts across India, Australia and Switzerland to create natural, toxin-free products right here in India.

Today, at The Moms Co., we are on a mission to help Moms make Safe, Natural, Toxin-Free choices for themselves and their families. We create products for Pregnancy Care and are soon extending to more needs that a mom faces throughout her journey as a mother.

How are you different from others?
We want our customers to be absolutely sure than when she’s buying a product from The Moms Co., she’s getting the best natural solution she can find, that meets the highest global standards.

To do this, we do everything by a simple philosophy of #NatureInToxinsOut: Our products are India’s only All Natural, Australia-Certified Toxin-Free, certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia. All our products are made with only the best natural ingredients and we test each ingredient against the top toxicity databases globally including EWG Verified, Whole Foods Premium Skincare, Safe Cosmetics and more.

Any expansion plans?
We work closely with moms, and will look to add products to The Moms Co. based on feedback and what moms are looking for the most. For example, our next range of products for New Moms is completely based on what moms have come back and asked us to create for them.
We have also been working on a range of Natural, Toxin-Free products for babies and kids, and will be launching this entire range very soon.

Your vision for the company and Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
We believe The Moms Co., can truly be an India-born brand that’s helping moms around the world. That’s the reason we’ve chosen a globally relevant brand name, created products that you can see sitting on shelves in retail around the world, and set such as high standard for our product quality.

We’ve just launched the brand on Amazon US and it’s a great feeling to see our products being picked up and loved by moms out there. We’ve started getting interest from a few more countries and will hopefully be launching in more countries soon.

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