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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

L. Ramachandran, Photographer

L Ramachandran, a self-taught photographer who has huge passion towards photography and arts was born in 1979 in India. He started his career as an assistant photographer in an advertisement agency in Chennai. His passion and hard work let him enter into the highest selling magazine in the world market “Playboy”.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, L Ramachandran talks about launching his Photography book ‘Medley Of Art’ consisting of over 15 series of his constructed photographs created over the years.

How do you view the market trend in India?
“The scope for photography in India is still very low. The worth of a photographer abroad is close to millions. Over here the budget for photographers is clearly not the same.

How different is the Photography & the Book Writer’s Industry? Elaborate in figures.
Being a self taught photographer, I put in a lot of effort and time to reach his current position. My travels and experiences got me the International acclaims I am now associated with like being the first Indian photographer to be featured in Playboy magazine. From then on an upward hill where my works were published in other magazines such as maxim, Volo, etc., My art photographs have won awards, a recent one being ‘ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary. Another recent achievement that is valued a lot by the artist is receiving a doctorate for my contribution in photography from the International Tamil University.

I am currently launching my Photography book ‘Medley Of Art’ consisting of over 15 series of his constructed photographs created over the years. This is the first book that I will be publishing despite having created close to six books of photography earlier, the reason being that the ‘Medley Of Art’ is a culmination of various textures, techniques and concepts; something that the artist believes that the world must see.

How is the photography in India different from other international markets?
"In terms of fashion/ glamour and fine art photography, India is far behind compared to places like Europe and America. Our cultures and mindsets are still very different, for example we have a lot of Indian designers working for foreign brands and earning a living abroad as their designs are better suited for the western culture but the same designs and quality will not market well here. Similarly in photography we face such differences, the photographer tries to say that we must broaden our views and be more accommodative of variety and quality and give the deserved value to things.

What are the features and USP of Medley of Art exhibition?
I have displayed many of my photographic series in galleries in U.S.A, Europe and Asia, but this will be the first time that he will be displaying these various series in Chennai collectively in one space thereby giving an exclusivity to this exhibition. ‘Medley Of Art’s versatile content containing various light techniques, colour combinations, concepts, designs, styling that would inspire and educate many in the field of art such as art enthusiasts, fine art students, photographers, art directors; serving as a corporate coffee table book and an educational book. The photographer’s vision is that his BOOK must reach the Indian audience for the sake of the students and amateur photographers so that they could become aware of the various themes and genres of photography that they could dabble in, be able to visit and perhaps even participate in gallery shows and thereafter be able to sustain themselves financially.

What are your R&D capabilities for meeting quality criteria while being price viable?
Conceptualtisation is the first step, following that I share this with my team and build on that idea. Together we develop the production values according to the photoshoot requirements.

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