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'Reducing the risk of fire accidents'

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Vijay Dalwani, Chairman, PyroSecure

Vijay Dalwani is the Chairman of PyroSecure. He has the distinction of introducing a revolutionary new technology in fire protection. He is also the MD of Harmony Events & Talent, a versatile company engaged in managing International Artists of various genres and managing events worldwide. As Chairman of DNY Hospitality, he is revolutionizing the fast food and food-tech industry with its unique 3-step menu which can be ordered online and gets delivered in minutes.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Viay says PyroSecure is poised to become a pioneer in fire safety as the "First line of defense" when it comes to fire accidents happening from electrical short circuits.

How do you view the market and demand trend in fire suppression industry in India?
The statistics in India are scary and unfortunate as far as our preparedness for any disaster, including fire accidents is concerned. More than 25000 people lose their life every year due to fire accidents. There are on an average 5 major fire accidents daily in India.

Over 1000 crore are lost annually due to fire accidents in India. Over 70000 fire stations are needed in India on immediate basis however only 1000 are available, resulting in a deficit of 97% fire stations. This also has resulted in shortage of firemen and fire tenders to an equally scary percentage.

This makes fire as the 9th largest risk in the India Risk Survey 2015. Considering the above, there is a great need of fire safety and suppression products/services/training in the country.

What are the features and USP of PyroSecure product range?
As per statistics, 65% of fire accidents happen due to electrical short circuits or over heating of electrical appliances. Traditionally there are many solutions available to handle fire accidents i.e. cylinder based extinguishers, sprinkler systems, gas and powder based extinguishers. However, there was no solution available to curb the fire at its source. Pyrosecure has launched two unique products PyroSticker and PyroCord which are designed to suppress fire at its source i.e. when it occurs inside the electrical switch board or panel due to a short circuit. This is the only product which has this capability. PyroSecure products are considered as the "first line of defence" and can work a long way in reducing the risk of fire accidents, loss of life, property and stoppage of business.
What are PyroSecure’s R&D capabilities for meeting quality standards while being price competitive?
The products are a result of an extensive research in the field of nano-technology and considerable expertise has gone in developing them. Our products are tested and certified by major testing laboratories/agencies from multiple countries. The products are designed confirming the European norms of fire safety and are currently being used in many countries in the world.
PyroSecure automatic fire suppression systems employ the patented ACTOK technology and technology always comes with a price, but in India price is a concern. How does PyroSecure address the price issue?
Our products are designed to eliminate the need of regular servicing, refilling, maintenance, expensive sensors and also any human intervention to use or operate the product. With a 5 year life, our products are the cheapest in the segment of automatic fire suppression systems.

A small home or office can be made fire safe with a small investment of Rs.9990/- only, which translates to just Rs.166/- a month for fire safety, cheaper than ordering a pizza.
How is the market in India different from other international markets?
Acceptance of new technologies and products is much faster in other developed countries as compared to India. Here we still try to implement only what is made mandatory by law. This trend is however changing slowly but lot of education is needed to be serious about safety of life and property.

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