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'Making the change happen'

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

FOWZIA SHAIKH, Co-Founder, Effex Business Solutions

Fowzia Shaikh is the Co- Founder and Director of operations at Effex Business Solutions. Effex operates with 3 Verticals: Business Process Management Training Solutions Outsourcing Management.

In her work tenure, Fowzia has managed quality for Consumer Sales Support and Business Sales support - Vodafone Telecommunications and has proved her mettle by consistently keeping customer satisfaction scores over 95%.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Fowzia reveals that introducing best in class Business Management Concepts in the SME Segment of India was the main vision behind Effex.

What is the idea behind Effex?
Effex was formed with a realization that small and medium sized businesses in India do not have awareness of or access to some brilliant business improvement practices. Methods like Six Sigma, Kaizen, Lean, Project management, TQM were more or less used only by multi-national corporates or very large Indian business houses. As founders, we saw that if Indian small business owners could be made aware of the far reaching benefits of practicing techniques of Process Excellence, it would bring about a huge difference on how they operated, therefore their efficiencies and in turn their potential to get much more business. We saw that most times, the entrepreneur of a small business was himself involved in managing the day-to-day operations. We knew of ways to get them free from this vicious circle so that their business can grow by design and not by chance. We also learnt over a few years of starting Effex, that the methods that we were trained and certified on were not implementable in the Indian ways of doing business as there was much dearth of data and discipline. Hence, we now have devised and developed our own method of business improvement which is called Propel. Propel is a logic driven methodology which helps businesses with growth planning, performance management and problem solving.

How are you different from others?
The market is full of trainers, coaches and consultants who primarily are motivational in nature. Even the ones who promise 100% implementation etc. mostly end up delivering 'gyaan' on how things need to be. We are yet to see consultants who will roll up their sleeves and stand with the business owner and their staff to actually get the work done. When we say 'implementation', we mean the same right from the word go.

From brainstorming sessions with entrepreneurs for growth strategies, to training and up-skilling the staff, to designing trackers, software modules and reports in dashboards, to preparing annual business plans, to teaching how to review and audit, to developing outcome driven performance scorecards, to chalking out the required hierarchy and roles and responsibilities, to documenting standard operating procedures and much much more...we do it all. We understand that businesses are about continuous improvements rather than one time solutions and that's why we teach them the method of Propel.

Any expansion plans?
We are going aggressive on expansion across India and soon overseas, specially for businesses run by Indians as we know how they are run. We have an association model, both, for acquisitions and delivery on projects which gives us the bandwidth to expand vertically as a consulting company.

Your vision for the company?
Our vision is to be recognized as the first consulting company in India helping small organizations operate like corporates and reap the benefits.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
We are now forming Propel Boards. This is a concept which allows small business owners to participate in an ongoing forum which acts as their Board of Advisors. All members in each Propel Board advise each other on resolving business problems using the Propel method. We are looking to have Propel Boards across business cities of Maharashtra, Gujarat and other metro cities.

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