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Making designer wear accessible to everyone, everywhere

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Akta was born with entrepreneurial genes of a businessman and a fashion designer, right from her father who ran a chemical manufacturing factory, her mother - a fashion designer herself to her brother who runs an eCommerce platform! Akta is a finance geek turned entrepreneur. Akta founded India Boulevard in 2015. Her quest for something more personal and bespoke led her to start IndiaBoulevard, which connects customers from all over the world with a variety of designers; to make custom made ethnic Indian outfits. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Akta says she believes that every individual is unique and has their personal style and hence we value people's inspirations, style, color and spending preferences to customize a unique design just for them.

What is the idea behind India Boulevard?
The idea behind India Boulevard is to democratize fashion. We aim to achieve this by making handcrafted, and unique products from designers around the world accessible and affordable to everyone everywhere.

I believe what you wear should be a reflection of who you are. Every person deserves a design with a soul, a story and a purpose. That is why we partner with indie designers to blend your style with their time-tested skills to develop an exclusive look just for you.

Our designers use only locally sourced materials that are handcrafted with love and care. By personally working with each of these talented designers we establish a strong relationship with them. From there, we sell directly to you online – there is no middleman. This is how we are able to offer made-to order products, no mass production or waste at affordable prices accessible to you from the comfort of your home.

What are the latest trends in the industry?
The retail space is completely changing. The 3 key trends that I believe strongly affect this space are:

Experience driven economy: With the emergence of companies like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb to name a few, consumers are spending their disposable income on experiences and not just products. Therefore, it is important for businesses to not just focus on their end product, but the entire customer journey i.e. from discovery to delivery.

Fashion is for everyone: Fashion is no longer reserved for the top 1% of the population. There is so much innovation in technology but clothing and wardrobe as still been under-served.  This opens up an opportunity for entrepreneurs like me, to help you change the way you think of your wardrobe and enhance the way consumers shop and think of their wardrobe.

Consumers care about their personal brand: The rise of Social Media there is an increasing amount of emphasis on ‘personal brand’. An average person spends at least 2 hours on social media every day. This is important for brands to understand and help target consumers keeping their personal brand, likes and preferences in mind.

How are you different from others?
By partnering with indie designers, we can offer made-to order products, no mass production or waste at affordable prices. Coupled with our proprietary custom-fit model we are able ensure that every person gets a well-fitted outfit accessible to you from the comfort of your home in just a few weeks.

Who would primarily be your consumers?
Our primary consumer is a professional woman – the go-getter who has better things to do than going from store to store looking for an outfit. My customers, for the most part, actually don’t go into physical retail stores. And they don’t want to. They work, they don’t have time.

What consumers actually care about is wearing clothes that help them embrace their personality. We are debunking the myth that you have wear what is on trend. We have styles that have been around for 6 months and continue to be our best sellers. That’s because it is made and inspired by consumers!

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
In 5 years, India Boulevard will be the destination for handcrafted, high quality and unique products from different cultures around the world. We want to build a platform where people and communities create goods that are inspired by, design for each other.

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