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'Ecommerce is changing the retail & distribution landscape in India'

Friday, January 12, 2018

Abu Malik, Writer and entrepreneur

Abu Malik is the pioneer of live show business in India. He has produced and performed in nearly 10,000 shows around the globe, with every Bollywood superstar, singer and top performers. He is also the author of  Rantings of a Mad Man. Although Abu technically resides in Mumbai, he is always traveling around the globe performing in various shows. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Abu says, “I believe in everything and everybody. My philosophy in life is nothing matters as we are all headed towards nothing.”

How do you view the market trend for authors in India?
The market for books will be phenomenal in the coming future, digital technology is tiring people and they recovery method is reading a good book. The most treasured moment for readers is still to buy a book and read it holding it in their hands, that pleasure cannot be replaced by digitization. New authors will emerge new thought processes will be presented to the readers and the demand will be increasing two fold every year.

Although organised retail is growing in India at 15% per annum it still only accounts for 7% of book sales in India. This poses a challenge to distribution and availability of titles especially in smaller towns and cities. Having said that, ecommerce is fast changing the retail and distribution landscape in India. Online Stores have aided book distribution and are able to reach customers in every nook and corner of the country even where there is a lack of book stores in certain parts of the country. That’s the reason, I made sure my book would be available on Amazon.

What are the USP of Rantings of a Mad Man services?
Rantings of a Madman, is a book that tells the truth of what life has to offer, it is a book for the young written in a very simple lingo that they would understand, many moralistic issues have been attacked and all that one wishes to say but would never dare is written in the book. The USP of the book it tells the truth of present times and teaches it is right to say what you think not hide because morally it is trite.

How do you plan to grab the book reader’s attention?
The title Madman is used to grab readers attention so that they would get an alternate view of life from a madmans mind

Who all assisted you during this journey?
The book got written  because people like Paresh Rawal and Anu malik edged me on to keep on sending them what i think on various issues as it made their work and life simpler and they really felt that the points I discussed were the core gyan for people today

How is the book market in India different from other international markets?
Writers are respected a lot all over the world, India is no different. Books require a better platform and reachability to the people, adverts should be to assist writers to market their talent. Newspapers and PR agencies can go a long way in presenting the book to the people and increase visibility. I think the only difference here is that the literacy level is a lot less in India where as the world over, the writers have a 100% literate market.

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