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With Upstox your profit starts at the first tick

Monday, February 12, 2018
By A Business Reporter

The scope and benefits of utilising a discount broker go well beyond the cost advantage. Currently, lower brokerage fees are looked upon as the only factor that matters to investors and traders. What remains unexplored is that leaders in this field have been innovating and enhancing technology to ensure investors get the best of both worlds: technology and pricing.

Upstox, is one such new age discount broking firm that has developed proprietary algorithms for investors trading on the NSE and BSE. Data-driven trading is the future of stock market investing.

“Going forward, systems which will advise clients not only on risk and position sizing but also on timing entries and exits will become critical elements of trading in the markets,” says Shrini Viswanath, co-founder of Upstox.

Using the correct data driven tools to ensure you are on the right path is something that platforms like Upstox ensure. The rise of Algo-based trading has opened huge opportunities for tech-driven companies in the broking sector. Investors are now warming up to companies like Upstox who not only offer the comfort of keeping their costs low but also provide them with strategies to scale up quickly and reduce slippages.

While costs are a primary factor that go into the decision of investors to seek a discount broker, what is always lost in the maze of discussions on discount broking is the fact that it offers much more than just a price advantage. Once an order is executed, costs on a transaction, end there. There are no more costs that come to eat into the investors’ gains thereafter. Every up tick that the stock sees, goes to the trader or investor as a profit.

Client convenience is always at the forefront. According to Shrini Viswanath, Upstox co-founder, factors like ease of opening an account are a paramount need for the industry where a mere 3-5% of the population has demat accounts. Ensuring that at least 40-45% of the country’s population has bank accounts in itself turned out to be a challenging procedure for the financially non-literate population--even with the Jan Dhan trigger. Therefore, ease of procedure is the key.

Another major influencer is, the speed and ease of transaction in the case of a technology-driven discount broking business with minimal human interface. As is true in the case of account opening, speed, simplicity and convenience are big factors even while placing stock orders.

Looking beyond our borders--one out of every four trades are placed through a discount broker in an equity market like the US. Whereas, only 7% of the total trades in India are placed via discount brokers. That’s why the Indian market is ripe for a fintech firm like Upstox that makes stock trading easy and affordable for the masses.

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