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The complete guide to linking your Aadhaar to Mutual Fund investments

Monday, December 04, 2017
By Kunal Bajaj

Kunal Bajaj, Founder & CEO,

All resident Indian individuals are now mandatorily required to link their Aadhaar to their mutual fund investments [if you care, this was specified under notification no 439 dated June 1, 2017 which amended the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) Rules, 2005]

The Mutual Fund Companies have since informed all their customers that unless investors update their Aadhaar number, their investments will be "inoperative" after December 31, 2017. But what does "inoperative" mean anyway? Don’t worry, your existing investments will stay intact. But you will not be able to make any fresh purchases (one time or SIP), or even sell or switch your existing holdings until you have linked your Aadhaar.

Here's our easy step-by-step guide to linking your Aadhaar to all your Mutual Fund investments. You can do this online, in-person or via SMS.

Option 1: Link Your Aadhaar Online At Cams, Karvy, Etc
Before you begin this process, you need to make sure that:

  •     Your email id and mobile number should be registered in your mutual fund investments
  •     Your mobile number should be the same one you registered with your Aadhaar.

Alas, you will need to do this process four times – visit each of the four websites below so and complete the short process at each Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA). We’ve checked and it truly does take 2 minutes each time.

Once you do so, all the mutual funds serviced by each RTA will have your Aadhaar details. See below for list.

Option 2: Link Your Aadhaar Through Sms (currently, Only Karvy Has This Facility)
Kavy has a cool facility where you an update your Aadhaar using SMS. Just send an SMS to Karvy at +91 9212993399 from the mobile number registered with your Aadhaar and Mutual fund folio. The SMS should say:
ADRLNK Your PAN Number Your Aadhaar number Y
Example: ADRLNK AABPA4321Q 123456789012 Y
("Y" in the above message stands for your express consent to authenticate and seed your Aadhaar across all Karvy serviced Mutual Funds)
Karvy will then complete your linking process. But you’re not done once you’re done with Karvy. Don’t forget that you will still need to link your Aadhaar at CAMS, Franklin Templeton and Sundaram BNP.

Option 3: In-Person Linking Of Aadhaar
If your email ID or mobile number are not registered or for any reason you cannot link your Aadhaar and PAN online, you will need to submit a physical form to start your Aadhaar linking process.

To link your Aadhaar, you should download and fill the forms below and submit these at your nearest CAMS, Karvy, Sundaram BNP and Franklin Templeton service centre.

Things To Remember

  •     Aadhaar linking to Mutual Fund investments is not mandatory for NRIs.
  •     Aadhaar linking can be only be done offline for organisations and non-individuals.
  •     If you have multiple holders in a folio you will need to link Aadhaar for each of the holders and not just the primary holder.
  •     If you fail to link your Aadhaar by 31-Dec-2017, your existing folios will the frozen and you will not be able to redeem or make any fresh transactions till you finish the Aadhaar linking process.

The author is a SEBI-registered investment adviser

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