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Quickscrum plans to expand globally

Monday, November 13, 2017

Quickscrum, founded by two techies Mrugesh Panchal and Akshesh Panchal, an innovative, technology focused company, developing world class enterprise solutions to improve efficiency of organization by aligning strategy, governance and execution irrespective of its size is planning to expand globally. Also, Quickscrum plans to expand their agile coach network across the world. Currently the company has 400 coaches listed on site and has served large corporate for agile transformation.

At the initial stage, QuickScrum had launched only Scrum and Kanban modules. Its product vision includes development of Agile and Lean solutions which directly hits bottom line by improving planning, execution and monitoring using future technology like AI, Robotics and IoT.

According to Akshesh Panchal, MD, Quickscrum, 'We have started only with team management and now are moving towards program and portfolio management. Our solution also includes fundamental of visual Management. Collaboration remains a successful area for investment because it presents significant opportunities for businesses who must relentlessly seek new efficiencies to remain competitive.'

Quickscrum also offers complete agile transformation consulting, agile Coaching and agile Training by its internal coaches or partners across the globe.

According to Mrugesh Panchal, C.T.O., 'Efficiency is always questionable subject for company, team or individual. Professional across the globe tried to innovate processes each decade. As many corporates are at the peak of growth, maintaining bottom line require to dig into internal restructuring and improvements only.

Many organizations across the globe already improved their efficiency using Quickscrum with clients in countries like Brazil, Denmark, USA, Canada, Sri Lanka, Argentina, India.

According to duo , many of global strategic investors have shown interest to join hands for rapid expansion. Having proven case study many companies of different size and sector, Quickscrum leadership team is very confident to make next big move by acquiring hundreds of customers across the globe.

The Quickscrum is having three verticals – (1) Tools, (2) Training & (3) Agile Transformation. All these verticals has a tremendous potential for growth. Quickscrum has already proposed to raise half a million US dollar with the potential angel investor. As the business model is huge scalable, this agile coach network will bring mix of good companies and revenue across the globe.

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