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Mixing Authorship With Entrepreneurship

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sani Sachar Co-owner, TRUSOX

Sanil Sachar is a twenty-four-year-old author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a movie producer from New Delhi, India. With the aim of creating a positive change in various sectors of passion, Sanil began a marketing and distribution company providing innovative and convenience driven products and services. In addition, being an avid sportsperson, he is responsible for bringing in TRUSOX, a global sports brand to India, with the endeavor of enhancing the sporting culture and propelling Indian sports. TRUSOX is a sports brand in which Sanil is one of the owners, whose products are worn by the likes of Luis Suarez, Alexis Sanchez and several other sporting stalwarts in various sports. He has also written over 120 poems, 25 pieces of fictional stories and three scripts, he is one of the few writers in the country who has successfully published an amalgamation of these three forms of literature. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, he speaks about his desire to ‘aspire to inspire’, and live his life ‘one word at a time.’

How did you move from a full-time job to starting something of your own?
I wanted to cater to personal satisfaction and not just job satisfaction. Being a sports junkie, working at Star Sports was a dream job. I learnt a lot of skills that I incorporate in experiences and work today. But for all that the goals I set forward for tomorrow, I had to make the decision then itself. (Not because I’m impatient but waiting and playing the time game is just an excuse for the lazy!)  It was a hard decision; however, it all came down to, what I want to do?

 As an entrepreneur and one of the owners of Trusox (, our athletic socks provide a technology which gives any athlete far superior balance, speed and explosive power to perform at higher levels. This is evident in sports leagues all over world, while being worn by the best in the game. Our aim is to keep growing and enabling sports enthusiasts and sportspeople, through our apparel to propel their game. We understand the hard work put in to participate in sports, which is why we will continue to put the hard work in creating the best technology in all our sports gear. While starting Xpanse Network with one of my closest friends, Ishaan Khosla, our aim was to cater convenience driven products in India. This is why we’re in the process of launching an emergency use one time compact Smartphone charger. We are looking to do this in the second half of the year. Our objective is to provide safety for citizens by enabling them to never lose charge of their phone and always stay connected with their loved ones. This can be done simply by keeping one of these chargers in their pocket or bag, before they need it.
You are a motivational speaker, share more about this?
Being deemed a motivational speaker is just a tag. The real task is to be able to connect solely with each listener, each reader while addressing what looks like a national full of people in a crowd. The aim is to enable them to utilise their potential to the fullest.

It’s still extremely overwhelming interacting with large crowds and this leads to the excitement of each time seeming like the first.

While I am fortunate to be deemed a motivational speaker, I am always motivated with each personal interaction I have. Be it a school, a university or the Google and Wipro’s of the world. Wherever I have been fortunate to have been invited to speak has been a positive growth in my learning curve. So, in truth, I think while I’m called as the speaker, I end up going back with much more!

Do you feel mentoring entrepreneurs in India is a must and why?
While it’s important to fall and learn how to get up on your own, it’s as important not to keep falling the same way in succession. This is where mentorship comes in. Being mentored is a must. Not only for a person who is new in their field of work but for anyone at any stage in their career. A great mentor won’t tell you how to do your work but get you to do it the best possible way you can. This makes it a key reason to be mentored.

Can you tell us more about the challenges you have faced?
Everyone encounters their own problems as an entrepreneur thus each solution is contextual to the problem. However what we can control is how we view the problem and how we tackle it. I highly recommend everyone to take out at least half an hour in the day to exercise. I personally choose to run each day when I can’t make time to play any other sport. While this is my time to unwind, it also refreshes me and helps me cope with targets, similar to what I set when I work out.  

You are planning to write your third book?
I am currently writing a screenplay whilst juggling my fourth book. This is always exciting because I’m vicariously living through my characters!.

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