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Leadership establishes Culture

Monday, February 11, 2019

Dr. Nitin Parab, CEO, Crosslink International: Business Strategist and Leadership Coach

Culture is set by the promoters and the Leaders who run the organisation. Every organisation which has sustained the onslaught of TIME has culture as an inherent contributor. The word culture comes from the source word CULT – worship and the full word CULTURE means to worship Values.

The Values form the Foundation of Vision.

So it is very important to know and communicate the Values and the Vision to the Employees, so that it becomes a part of their behaviour.

When Values become a part of behaviour, Culture sets in. There are numerous examples in Corporate History where the Foundation of Companies was based on values which stood the Test of TIME.

In the ‘Lessons of History ‘ Will and Ariel Durant say that morals are the Rules by which the Society Exhorts (as Laws are the Rules by which it seeks to compel )its members and associations to behaviour consistent with its orders, security and growth” To define it in terms of Organisation we can say that Corporate Values are the Rules and Guidelines by which the Organisation communicates with its employees and makes them behave in a manner which is consistent with its philosophy , order and guidelines.

It becomes of Primary Importance to embed a set of Values which goes in the mindset of the Employees right from his date of joining. This is done through induction and we firmly feel that the Induction programme sets up the tone of establishing and ensuring the culture of Organisation .Today we find that in most Organisations Induction is a mechanical Process delivered mechanically to the new joinee. It lacks Enthusiasm and it lacks conviction .Organisations that hone their Induction Process well stagger it over different periods (phase 1, 2 , 3 Iin the first month of employee joining are able to get better performance from their employees . This Process of Induction needs to be meticulously planned ...and should be the Primary Involvement of the Top Management.

It should not and I repeat it should not be delegated to a junior HR Executive who is immature and unable to communicate Values.

Values also sets up the tone for building Beliefs in the minds of the Individuals .If one does not believe in the cause and purpose other than getting salary, in the Organisation it is natural that efforts will be half- hearted One will not be able to get their 100% results from the workplace. Little stray incidences and organisational gossip will take away keenness and interest. The Belief in what one is doing plays an important role in being self-motivated and performance driven.

It is rightly said that the Values and Beliefs are the Key Fundamentals of Vision .The Promoters of Organisation establish a set of values at the time they give birth to an enterprise .This is long before they set their management objectives and goals .Values precede Goals and Mission in a Logical manner. Thus they play an important part in establishing the strategy for an Organisation to compete in the market place.

Today as I move around in organisations in the capacity of consultant or advisor, I observed.. that the values of the organisation are not made explicit and many leaders feel uncertain in these areas .The Organisations where the leader is able to precisely communicate the Values it is found that the workforce is more in harmony and are able to generate fortune with ease and élan .These Values which appear to the outsiders as mundane and regular have a very deep connect with the employees who work for the organisation .An emotional connect is established and a sense of brotherhood is established thereby enhancing the loyalty factor .The employees thus dedicate themselves with commitment and purpose .The values “move people’s hearts” and are rarely restricted to only the bottom line. The final word is that when one establishes Culture within the Organization then it is difficult for the competitors to emulate and in this way the organization establishes the winning edge.

Culture Differentiates and Culture stands out and gets reflected in the behaviour of the people who are the face of the organization. Culture is invisible but gets perceived in the Brand creating the story.

Dr.Parab has written three books on Leadership.His Firm Crosslink International offers consultancy in Strategy, Leadership and Branding.

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