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Enhanced connectivity gives impetus to housing

Monday, August 07, 2017
By Dharmesh Jain

Dharmesh Jain
CMD, Nirmal Lifestyle

Property Buying is a crucial, often the single most important, decision for most buyers in our country. Thus, understanding the elements influencing this sector are equally important. A core factor that assists in the appreciation of property value is -‘Connectivity’- as it enables the seamless flow to places and provides the populace with access to facilities in and across multiple locations. Project launches that feature substantial social amenities, developing infrastructure and connect to major hubs, garner maximum traction. Buyers distinguish quality projects based on location that is linked to prime transport hubs. Additionally, transport connectivity determines present and future valuation of projects and also predicts resale estimation to the seller.

A quality housing plan must account for external facets like metros, expressways, highways and airports; along with the closer feature of distances covering important infrastructure - schools, hypermarkets, hospitals and commercial establishments. A travel-accommodated housing arrangement will help potential buyers visualize livability in the area. Enhanced transportation adds significant advantage to builder’s projects, while attracting increased homebuyers quickly.

Transportation is a great enabler of broader purposes. Provided wisely and efficiently, it fosters economic prosperity; conserves and improves the environment; builds and reinforce communities; and connects people across distances both great and small.

Housing that is affordable suits various family unit types, while its adequate supply serves an essential individual need along with community benefits.  Connectivity can contribute to the wealth of a locality as a handmaiden of economic development. It stabilizes and anchors neighbourhoods along with entire communities. It also promotes societal progress; as institutions are expected grow alongside transport lines. A strong relationship between housing and infrastructures has everything to do with the future of communities and these two impactful forces make their immense contributions towards locality. It has become apparent on how transportation and housing depend and support each another.
Road transportation has greatly expanded in the past decade. The extended road lengths not only allow access to a wider geography but are responsible for the spurt of new project launches in the vicinity.  Prime real estate linked to transport will always have high demand from buyers who don’t mind paying a premium for a convenient site.  

Large-scale infrastructure projects have an even larger impact on the development of connecting areas. One such venture that is bound to influence realty is the expansion of metro lines. Adjoining areas will witness major changes with the arrival of Metro Line 7, Dahisar East to Andheri East.

 Ghodbunder Road is a convenient way to reach Thane from Dahisar. The Metro-7 project till Dahisar will add more residential options across Thane and Palghar districts. A new Metro link is bound to increase attractions in these regions and invite several investors and property seekers. The Metro will likely boost commercial real estate in neighboring areas. When the new rail line commences, companies will choose to set up base on the relatively low-priced lands in the said space. Currently prices in these areas are constant, but when the Metro line becomes operational, it will impact prices.

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