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'Diamonds Are Forever' As IGI Guarantees Tests for Genuine Stones

Monday, November 05, 2018

“Diamonds are forever” was the famous James Bond film that highlighted the popularity of this costly precious stone in its charm over the ages. However, today, while many diamond owners often wonder whether such stones they possess are genuine or fake, made naturally by the earth’s fiery powers or by laboratories, the International Gemological Institute (IGI), has stepped in to verify their genuineness through 100% certification processes.

Tehmasp Printer, Managing Director, International Gemological Institute (IGI), said here recently “As the development of lab-grown diamonds has taken giant leaps and their presence among natural diamonds is on the rise, only a laboratory testing all the chemical and optical properties with the help of improved processes, can accurately distinguish between lab-grown and natural diamonds.”

Growing value-consciousness among Indian consumers and the organised gem and jewellery retailers have driven a 25% growth in the diamond certification business, according to the IGI. “Indian consumers are increasingly seeking certified diamonds and gemstone jewellery – in the wake of recent scams that have impacted consumers sentiment and diamonds consumption in India – and this trend of certifying prized diamond possession is only expected to rise in the future,” he said.

As upwardly-mobile Indians including Millennials and Gen Z are getting increasingly active in social causes, responsible consumerism and sustainability, diamond certification is helping boost customer confidence by providing precise, non-disputable grading results that are backed by objective technological processes of market leaders, pioneers and innovators such as IGI.

“The IGI, being well-equipped with technologically-advanced machines and scientists, has been safeguarding the interests of the diamond trade since 1999 through diamond grading and certification practices.” “What began as a team of three gemologists has today become a 500-strong professional workforce in IGI’s 15 branches across India, where a  diamond is assessed on the basis of the 4C’s (cut, clarity, color and carat) with the fifth C – Confidence in diamonds and diamond-jewelry grading and certification – paving  the way to a highly optimistic scenario for diamond zealots across India,” notes Printer.

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