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Balancing Names With Destinies

Monday, October 08, 2018

Shalesh Trehan, Founder of

Shalesh Trehan is the founder of that helps balance people names with their destiny by using the principles of name numerology. Shalesh always loved numbers and with a Masters in Mathematics, the fondness to understand the role numbers play in our life came to him naturally. He has previously worked in organizations like Oracle, AMD. He manages Operations at NaamVidya.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Shalesh says a name has to be chosen carefully to ensure that it creates the right vibration to condition the mind for positivity with a right attitude and health and create a vibration that attracts a better destiny.

What is the idea behind
Most people today agree that our mind or mental faculty is at the core of our individual identity. More so, as it is our mind that is responsible for our thoughts and subsequent actions. Hence, depending on a type of a Mind, some people develop Positive Thoughts and hence are optimist, go-getters and successful.

The idea behind starting NaamVidya is to make people realise that it is possible for us to mathematically measure the mind and identify why a person behaves and acts in a particular way – which further results in his success or frustration in life.

We do this by demonstrating a direct correlation between a person’s Name, his date-of-birth and his mind. The science is based on Mathematical principles of Numerology and the measurement parameters are more than 5000 years old, proven and well documented. It is this accuracy of the science that has allowed it to survive for so many years.

How are you different from others?
As you know the science of Numerology is many thousands years old. But unfortunately, over time the science got clouded by mysticism and underwent exploitation at the hands of family-run Numerologist and Astrologers.

The generation of today, however, is a lot mature. They want proof of everything and demand a transparent and professional service.

At NaamVidya, our USP lies in our completeness, transparency and professionalism in providing this service. We are an institution governed by mathematical principles of Numerology & not limited by knowledge of a family run numerologist.

Importantly, the team at NaamVidya are not only adepts in the science but are equally qualified mathematicians and technology experts. As such the accuracy and quality of the service is unmatched.

Any expansion plans?
We have seen extremely good traction and people are loving the professionalism we have brought to the sector. Now, while the India market has accepted it well, we are now expanding our services internationally. We have started servicing clients in the US, UK, Singapore and Australia. We intend to add more countries as we progress. Bringing the content in regional language is also on our roadmap.

Your vision for the company?
The religion and spirituality market under which our services are currently classified is a very disorganised market. It is mostly dominated by family-run practitioners or individuals. As such, trust is a big issue. Our vision is to create a “Brand” and be the default choice for any service in the religion and spiritually market space. We intend to achieve this by removing mysticism, making the science more relevant and providing the service in an ethical, professional and transparent way.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
In this time frame, we want to dominate this field related to Numerology and be the default choice for parents looking for names for their children or founders looking for business names or brand names. We also understand that the science to measure personality has many other applications. For e.g. we are also investing in making this science available for measuring behavioural patterns and understanding consumer psychographics.

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