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Portraying a ‘split-personality’ was a challenge: Hrishita Bhatt

Thursday, April 12, 2018
By Chaitanya Padukone

Somehow, the talented vivacious Bollywood lead actress and trained dancer, Hrishitaa Bhatt, who made waves in a string of milestone movies including ‘Asoka’ (opposite Shah Rukh Khan) and ‘Haasil’ (with co-star Irrfan Khan), besides dozens of other flicks, has strangely been denied her share of rewards and recognition.

No wonder then, the adamant Hrishita, who tied the nuptial knot last year, has grabbed this complex lead dual-role in her upcoming movie ‘Ishq Tera’, where she has given an ‘award-worthy’ performance. The slick psychological musical thriller – produced by Deepak Bandekar and directed by the dynamic Jojo D’Souza – pairs her opposite the suave Mohit Madaan, as her doting yet disheartened husband.  

But how would this intense subject connect with the masses?
Reacts glam-girl Hrishitaa, “That’s because, as the title suggests, ‘Ishq Tera’ is a original modern-day marital love story, but with dramatic twists. It was a tough task to play the protagonist role of a charming wife who has this scary broken-mind ‘split-personality’ as I portray the contrasting characters of Kalpana and Laila. It’s also inspired from real-life incidents.”

What was the ‘prep’ that she went thru for this bizarre role?
“Fortunately, I have been a psychology student and I am aware of this ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder‘ (DID) syndrome which gets triggered off. Besides watching various retro-movies (like ‘Raat Aur Din’) made on this subject, I have actually witnessed ‘live’ instances. Then of course, I had to give my ‘best shots’ all thru. In fact, I even have melodious songs picturised on me, including this sensuous club trance-dance track which goes ‘I M Broken’,” signs off the bubbly Bhatt.

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