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Gulzar-saab deserved 'cognac' for coining 'Bhumitaal'!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
By Chaitanya Padukone

Multi-faceted celebrated Bollywood film-maker-lyricist Oscar awardee Gulzar-saab was in one of his cheerful witty moods last weekend. Quipped the prolific poet laureate, ”Normally, I would get a small token fee as ‘shagun’. But this time when I did the ‘naamkaran’ (christening)  of my close singer-friend Bhupinder Singh -Mitali’s new music company and coined the catchy apt name ‘Bhumitaal’,  I felt, I deserved a bottle of ‘cognac’ from them.

Honestly, it wasn’t so difficult, as I had to fusion-blend their three names together, Bhupi, Mitalee and their son Nihaal and it gave birth to ‘BhuMitAal’ chuckles Gulzar, who is one of those few evergreen Bollywood veterans, still reigning supreme, even in the contemporary digital-downloading scenario. 

As he released the variety eight-track 'non-filmi' album titled ‘Dil Peer Hai’, all composed by Bhupinder,  Gulzar reacted “It was such a delight writing the lyrics for all these songs sung by  luminaries like Rashid Khan, Sonu Nigam, Mitalee and these two supremely talented sibling, singers Vaishakhi Desai-Dave and Shivangi Desai. The crowning glory of the album is Bhupi’s  miraculous composing talent that is so surreal and he has brilliantly composed my ‘blank verses’. Which is a near-impossible task. Agar mumkin hota toh, I would have worn Bhupinder’s  mesmerizing voice  like a  ‘taaveez’  ( holy amulet-locket) around my neck, stringing together all his classic ghazals-geets.” Gulzar-saab's contribution to Hindi films as a ‘director’ is phenomenal. Meanwhile, modest Bhupinder, who has not sung in this ‘masterpiece’ album, assures that “in the next album venture my vocal track would definitely be there,” which had celeb-singer wife Mitali and son Amandeep cheering him. Interestingly, in 'Dil Peer Hai' , Amandeep has not only sung in the title-track, but has also strummed the solo guitar parts as well for the entire album.

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