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Fifi ­­­­--- my bundle of joy

Friday, March 09, 2012
By Pallavi Sawant

I belong to a family which loves animals. While growing up I saw my father bringing home injured birds and nursing them. As long as I can remember, my mother always put out tit-bits of food and water for the sparrows and other birds. But as a kid I never had a house pet, because my father was in the armed force and we kept changing house and getting transferred from one place to another. Keeping a pet in that circumstance was not feasible. But I always longed for one. Every time I saw puppy litter I would constantly pester my mom asking, “Can I take it home?”

But when my father finally retired and we settled down in our home, which was supposed to be a permanent one, I just could not wait to get a pet home. We couldn’t decide between adopting a dog or a cat. But Fifi solved this problem.

Fifi is my cat, or rather, we belong to Fifi. At the same time we were toying with the idea of getting a pet home, Fifi came into our lives. I vividly remember the first time I saw him, and instantly fell in love.

I was sitting in my college canteen, chitchatting with friends when one of my friend joined us. What he was holding looked like a little ball of cotton, which was actually a kitten. A kitten who had hurt his leg and was bleeding. I being the eternal cat lover, took him and nursed him. I was thanked with little meows and lick on my palm. I had found my pet. I took him home and he was welcomed with a bowl of warm milk and some fish pieces. A trip to the vet confirmed that he was a male and was around two months old.

Fifi instantly became a darling of the family. Whether it was going ‘awwwww’ watching him take feeble little steps or laughing in amusement when he splattered milk all over his face, every moment spent with him deepened our bond with him. He is a part of the family, Fifi Sawant. He is our official alarm, he wakes each one up just as our individual alarms go off. And sternly tells everyone to go to bed when its past 11pm. He is there, bursting with excitement, to welcome us at the door.

I always suggest people to get pets. It is just not sheltering an animal. It forming a connection which the purest from of love.

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