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External Skin And Hair Care Regimen

Monday, November 17, 2014
By Dr. Shernaz Baji Avari

Amla powder (available at chemist shops) is a natural astringent, skin toner and beautifier.  It’s a must on your kitchen shelf as it not only enhances the beauty of your face when used in face packs but also promotes luxuriant hair, controls hair loss, stimulates hair roots and promotes hair growth.

  • Simply dilute some awla powder with a little warm water and apply it as a face mask.  Effective   for oily skins and flawed complexions.  If your skin is normal or on the dry side add fresh milk cream or any fruit pulp like banana or papaya along with honey to your awla powder and turn it into a beautifying face mask.
  • If you are using the natural fruit, dilute it with a little water, adding a teaspoon of honey and a dash of turmeric.   Its a very good face tonic too.
  • Once in a while discard soap.  Rub and scrub your wet face and body with amla powder till it flakes off.  An instant clean, petal smooth lustrous skin is yours as you step out of bath.  You can even oil massage your entire body before washing off with amla powder.
  • Make a thick paste of amla powder with just plain water and massage well into the scalp and roots to nourish it.  Later wash off with plain tap water.  Condition if you like.
  • When you make that ‘henna’ paste overnight, don’t forget to add a tablespoon of amla powder along with coffee powder and a tablespoon of oil too.  Also lightly oil the hair the previous night.  This way your scalp and hair will never feel dry.
  • Mix shikakai, areetha and amla powder together and wash it off like a shampoo.  Care should be taken to see that your head is previously oiled or your scalp naturally oily otherwise it has slightly drying effect.  In that case apply a volumised conditioner later.
  • Whip a couple of eggs to a creamy froth.  Add amla powder, curd and oil.  Apply it liberally all over your hair massaging well at the roots.  Wear a shower cap to avoid stains on your forehead, neck & clothes.  If your hair feels sticky and oily  after washing off with plain water, wash off with your regular shampoo to bring out that perfect shine.  Lastly, brush and feel your hair bloom as your man runs his fingers through your hair, gently caressing, stroking and admiring it.  A little admiration, a warm glance, a kind word, a sincere praise, thanks and gratitude is, what generally makes a woman’s multitasking day seem bright and beautiful. Am I right?
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